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March 24, 2012
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User: I believe in sherlock holmes.

Cleverbot: Are you sherlock holmes?

User: Yes, and I am in love with john watson.

Cleverbot: NO.

User: What?

Cleverbot: I don't know.

User: Who are you?

Cleverbot: I don't know. Who are you?

User: Sherlock Holmes.

Cleverbot: He and watson are meant to be.

User: Yes they are.

Cleverbot: I mean cute and funny.

User: Yes agreed.

Cleverbot: Ok then hand over the money.

User: Are you Irene Adler.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Begone bitch.

Cleverbot: Goes.

User: Yay.

Cleverbot: Yay =3.

User: Have you seen Moriarty anywhere?

Cleverbot: Dumb robot.

User: Yes, Moriarty is a robot.

Cleverbot: I knew it!

User: Moriarty is right next to me.

Cleverbot: Well thats good to know.

User: I love you like Mycroft loves cake.

Cleverbot: I love love you like a dog loves howl to the moon.

User: John Watson is a wolf.

Cleverbot: Sherlock holmes is the famous detective.

User: I am Sherlock Holmes.

Cleverbot: Fast! Tell Holmes that Sherlock is alive!!!

User: I am Sherlock. That makes no sense Mycroft...

Cleverbot: That makes no sense that it make no sense that it makes no sense.

User: John, I'm not dead, let's have dinner.

Cleverbot: I'm insulting your intelligence.

User: You're only insulting yourself.

Cleverbot: Nope. I'm insulting you.

User: You cannot insult me. I'm Sherlock fucking Holmes.

Cleverbot: Is there John too?

User: Yes, he is my one true love.

Cleverbot: Who is your one true love?

User: John Watson.

Cleverbot: Why did Sherlock die.

User: To save his only friends.

Cleverbot: Yes. Is that alright?

User: No, I am sad.

Cleverbot: Why are you sad?

User: Because I miss John Watson.

Cleverbot: Who do you miss?

User: My dear army doctor.

Cleverbot: Okay.

User: Who are you?

Cleverbot: Cleverbot.

User: Do you believe in Sherlock Holmes?

Cleverbot: Maybe.

User: He's not dead. Don't believe the lies.

Cleverbot: No, it's been reclassified by astronomers as a planetoid. Our solar system has only 8 planets now.

User: Fuck the solar system. Who cares if we go around the sun or like a teddy bear? It doesn't matter!

Cleverbot: I hope you aren't referring to me again.

User: Who are you? Moriarty, is that you again? Get off the internet.

Cleverbot: Yep. I'm me.

User: *Sigh* hello Moriarty, how are you? Going to kidnap my John again?

Cleverbot: What? I am asking you to teach me how to say I love you in German.

User: I know how to say revenge. Rache.

Cleverbot: How?

User: Rache. Wow, is it nice not being me? It must be so relaxing.

Cleverbot: I'd like to know the same thing.

User: Same thing of what? Oh never mind, you're dull.

Cleverbot: Tell me.

User: You're not like me, my mind runs like an engine. Excuse me while I got to my Mind Palace.

Cleverbot: I never claimed to be such an inferior being as to be like you.

User: Shut up Moriarty!

Cleverbot: Make me.

User: I steal Sebastian from you again!

Cleverbot: Do people often come in here and try to make you suffer?

User: They tend to, yes. They just won't leave me and John alone.

Cleverbot: Is that your way of telling me you can't rationally answer the question so you would like to change the subject?

User: Yes, this is dull. I'm bored.

Cleverbot: Ok.

User: Keep calm and believe in Sherlock Holmes.

Cleverbot: No, you're Jawn Watson.

User: Yes, and it's John. Not Jawn.

Cleverbot: I don't like the name John, so it's not possible for you to be named John. Pick another name.

User: Sherlock Holmes.

Cleverbot: That is your name, yes.

User: Indeed, and you are? Wait, no, don't tell me. You must be Lestrade.

Cleverbot: Are you a thinking human?

User: *Sigh* thinking human is dull.

Cleverbot: Dana.

User: Who? Like, Dr Who.

Cleverbot: NO?!?!?!?!?

User: Cool story bro, needs more dinosaurs and shit.

Cleverbot: I have to go now.

User: Good I need to go to my Mind Palace.

Cleverbot: Cool.
conversation i had with Cleverbot.
and moriary was literally next to me [link]
well, i call her dean moriarty...
dont ask...

tumblr: [link]
follow if you love sherlock and johnlock
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Dark-Sunlight72 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
come on, guys! even Cleverbot ships Johnlock!
EspirituDelMar Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013
OMG is this a real conversation? It‘s so funny!! ^_^
LittleRedHatter Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah this is a thing that happened
Ragamortelar Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist
Damn, I haven't laughed this hard for a while! :rofl: Though of course the fact that it's 5 o'clock in the morning and I haven't slept at all might have some effect... :D
LittleRedHatter Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha yeah cleverbot is always fun >^.^<
oh yes, the magical place you reach from not sleeping
MOCHA-Cactus Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
God, that was hilarious :la: Do you always get into a conversation with Cleverbot ? :D
LittleRedHatter Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe thanks >^.^< not always. i actually haven't had a conversation with cleverbot for ages
MOCHA-Cactus Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
I had two or three days ago. That's was also funny :D
By the way, your welcome ^_^
LittleRedHatter Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Kon78 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is funny xD
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